Principal's Message

Seema Arun

ACS Principal

Alpha Cambridge School’s Principal Shares Her Message with All the Parents and Students of the School

I am so delighted about leading one of the best British International Schools in Qatar – Alpha Cambridge School. I have been in the forte of school education for 21 years and Alpha represents an opportunity that ignites passion and enthusiasm from the very essence of who I am as a leader and educator.  At Alpha we are committed to developing students holistically with a well-balanced approach to the teaching-learning process and our exceptional teaching and support staff will deliver an excellent educational experience.

Alpha’s rigorous igcse curriculum is based on the British Curriculum, which is standardized and is accepted worldwide. The curriculum inspires innovation, provides diverse extra-curricular programs, and ensures unique local and international experiences. Collaboration with co-schools at Qatar in planning and implementation helps us in preparing our students for entry into the best international universities. We promise that our students will be challenged to consider what it means to be successful. Their learnings will be never limited to timetables and subjects taught. Some of the best learning will happen in engagement beyond classrooms and among peers.

We wish to provide that “AHA Moments” to our children in their journey through our schools. It’s a shared responsibility of school and parents to nurture the best potential and talents that is innate in each one of our kids. We are here for you and our students. Our excellent infrastructure, well trained and passionate faculties, and the constant support and monitoring by our management give us the edge to achieve the vision and mission that we have set for our school. The most important element of our growth is our students and parents, who believe in our purpose to provide the best for their children. I thank them for their trust and willingness to work collaboratively for the larger goal of a better life.

Wishing you all a happy journey through schooling years! 

Students in the KG phase (age 3 to 5 years) follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.
Primary School
The curriculum is delivered using interactive teaching methods which aim to develop academic skills
Middle School
In the Lower Secondary school, students study Cambridge International Curriculum building upon the learning that has taken place throughout the primary phase.
Secondary School
CIE qualifications are globally recognized qualifications that enable tens of thousands of students every year to gain places at top universities worldwide.CAIE Formally known as CIE
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