Primary School

Alpha Cambridge School: The Best Primary School in Doha, Qatar

ACS Junior Wing / Primary Year 1 to 3

FOCUS-   1. Exploration and Learning the Basics

                 2. Communication and Application of Skill

Junior wing is profoundly organized in a way to deal and assists youngsters with continuing their improvement with figuring out how to peruse, compose and count in English. We urge kids to investigate and play, and find their general surroundings and relate their discoveries in words and numbers.

Kids are normally inquisitive, and in our lesser schools, we urge them to find out about things that intrigue them while combining their numeracy and education aptitudes. At this stage, we show youngsters how to apply these essential aptitudes to other branches of knowledge – for example, Science, Art and History.

In the Primary Schools in Doha, Qatar, students study Cambridge International Curriculum, adjusted to incorporate Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History. The educational plan is conveyed utilizing intuitive showing strategies which intend to create scholarly aptitudes, proficiency, numeracy, just as building fearlessness, confidence, social abilities and an affection for learning.

The medium of instruction is English, with Arabic as the language of guidance in Arabic and Islamic Studies. The educational program is wide and adjusted to address the issues of students in a quickly changing world.  Most subjects are instructed by a Primary educator in alliance with few specialist counterparts. The subjects included in the curriculum are: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatar History, English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Social Studies and Extracurricular Activities (ECA).

Students in the KG phase (age 3 to 5 years) follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.
Primary School
The curriculum is delivered using interactive teaching methods which aim to develop academic skills
Middle School
In the Lower Secondary school, students study Cambridge International Curriculum building upon the learning that has taken place throughout the primary phase.
Secondary School
CIE qualifications are globally recognized qualifications that enable tens of thousands of students every year to gain places at top universities worldwide.CAIE Formally known as CIE
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