Learning Outcomes

  1. All students will be ICT literate and competent to work in an IT-rich world.
  2. All students will be certain and capable in their utilization and comprehension of the ENGLISH language to empower them to play a promising role in contemporary life.
  3. All students will be sure about their utilization and comprehension of the ARABIC language and culture to empower them to embrace neighborhood customs and culture.
  4. ISLAMIC STUDIES is a key factor of social unity for the All Muslim students and a comprehension of Islamic culture will be encouraged all through the school.
  5. There will be an attention on the module “DEVELOPING THE INDIVIDUAL”. Students will be urged to create interests in sports, cultural and aesthetic exercises as individuals and in groups to create certainty, modesty, empathy, vision, confidence, resistance and acknowledgment of all nationalities, societies and religions.
  6. EXTERNAL EXAMINATION SUCCESS utilizing certified courses: Academic Rigor, Flair and Discipline are central to privilege and future of students.
  7. Every student is made versatile and nurtured as a global citizen.
Students in the KG phase (age 3 to 5 years) follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.
Primary School
The curriculum is delivered using interactive teaching methods which aim to develop academic skills
Middle School
In the Lower Secondary school, students study Cambridge International Curriculum building upon the learning that has taken place throughout the primary phase.
Secondary School
CIE qualifications are globally recognized qualifications that enable tens of thousands of students every year to gain places at top universities worldwide.CAIE Formally known as CIE
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