Middle Year

ACS Lower Secondary Wing (Year 4-6) & ACS Middle School Wing (Year 7 – 9)

 Program Focus-Critical Thinking & Debate

In lower secondary schools in Doha wing, students study Cambridge International Curriculum expanding upon the discovering that has occurred all through the primary stage. The Cambridge Curriculum gives an expansive and adjusted scholarly educational plan, improved and enhanced by field trips, occasions, competitions, activities and participation in the Extra Curricular Activities program.

The medium of educating at ACS is English, with Arabic as the language of guidance for Arabic and Islamic Studies. The educational program all through the secondary stage prepares the students for the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), culminating in students taking an engaged two-year assessment course in Years 10 and 11, prompting IGCSE qualifications (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), and then an alternative to take International AS and A Level projects in year 12 and 13.

Year 4-9 are educated by experts in all subjects. The subjects included in the curricula are: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatar History, English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Social Studies and ECA. Students additionally benefit from participating in field trips, social occasions, competitions, and different activities and occasions that improve their scholastic learning. Student’s advancement is checked and evaluated against age-suitable guidelines through Continuous Assessment tests, which happen normally all through each term. Likewise, there is termly and end of year school assessments.

Students in the KG phase (age 3 to 5 years) follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.
Primary School
The curriculum is delivered using interactive teaching methods which aim to develop academic skills
Middle School
In the Lower Secondary school, students study Cambridge International Curriculum building upon the learning that has taken place throughout the primary phase.
Secondary School
CIE qualifications are globally recognized qualifications that enable tens of thousands of students every year to gain places at top universities worldwide.CAIE Formally known as CIE
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