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Why Should You Choose Us

Gifted & Talented Enrichment

Some students are quite bright and highly motivated to succeed at school. They need to be sufficiently stimulated with a challenging curriculum.

Average Students Needs

What’s wrong with being “average”? Strictly speaking, nothing. They are to be properly guided to do better and achieve the best they can.

Learning Concerns

Some students have problems learning at the traditional school pace, missing critical fundamentals. Students who are performing below average or have a learning difficulty needs support. Various support and motivational techniques are adopted to overcome this to the extent possible.

Motivational Support

Some students are capable academically but lack motivation. They fail to turn in homework assignments or to engage in the classroom learning process. Their grades suffer and their motivation continues to dip. Schemes to support this finds place in curriculum.

Study Skills

Some students have not developed the necessary study skills to function effectively in the classroom. They lack organizational and time management skills. They have not developed the study skills that enable them to competently and confidently handle their assignments. Systems are in place to mend this to help them perform better.

Tuition Fees

Address P.O. Box 8055, Street 300 Zone 91 Al Mashaf, Al Wukhair, Qatar
Landline: +974 44493888

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Our Team


Ms.Seema Arun



Ms.Jaunel Phillips

Assistant Principal


Ms.Nitisha Pawar

Academic Coordinator


Mr.Mohamad Ibrahim

Quality Coordinator


Ms.Liesl Le Roux

Head of Primary