Facilities Offered at Alpha Cambridge School – Al Wakrah, Qatar

  • All classes are equipped with smart projectors and electronic whiteboards to enhance teaching and learning in all the subjects through interactive sessions across the school. Students have their ICT lessons in fully-equipped ICT classrooms.
  • Practical science activities take place in the Science laboratories, which include labs for ICT, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The development of creative and artistic skills takes place in dedicated rooms for lessons in Music and Art.
  • Regular library lessons are scheduled in the school’s Library to develop literacy skills and promote the joy of reading.
  • Our priority is the care and safety of students. The school has a medical room under the control of a registered nurse and all cases of injury or illness receive medical attention. If specialized medical aid is required, emergency transport is arranged to take the student to hospital and the parents are contacted.
  • A clean and well-stocked canteen sells snacks and drinks provided by the Holiday Villa Hotel during break times. Healthy eating is encouraged. Hygiene and strict quality control are a priority.
  • The indoor sports hall is air-conditioned and is used for PE lessons and school activities. Students may play volleyball, basketball and badminton or take part in team games.
  • The outdoor Jungle Gym is equipped for KG students to enjoy structured play.
  • The 30x15m-meter covered swimming pool caters to the development of swimming skills of students.
  • The school has a state of the art Auditorium.