Facilities & Campus

Alpha Cambridge School, Doha (ACS) is grounded on a 15009 square meter site with a cutting -edge framework that gives agreeable, secured, enlightened, well ventilated and aesthetically satisfying learning conditions to the students. The school is intended to deliver the instructive exercises in the best possible way.

Our mission has been to change the way education meets the future. The recent, rapid changes in the world have tested most of us in ways we never would have imagined. Yet, this mission remains and is demonstrated in our community’s resiliency, creativity, and commitment to the experience for our students. Not to mention the intangible feeling of community and excitement you feel when you step on to our campus.

  1. All classes are designed with smart projectors and electronic whiteboards to improve teaching and learning processes so as to enable interactive, reflective methodologies.
  2. Students have their ICT exercises in completely prepared ICT labs.
  3. Viable science exercises occur in the Science laboratories, which incorporate labs for ICT, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  4. The improvement of innovative and imaginative aptitudes happens in devoted spaces for exercises in Music, Dance Room and Art Studio.
  5. Customary library exercises are booked in the school’s well supplied modern library to create education aptitudes and advance the delight of perusing.
  6. Our Priorities are the consideration and security of students. The school has a medical room under the control of an enlisted attendant and all instances of injury or disease get clinical consideration. Whenever particular clinical guide is required, crisis transport is arranged immediately, to take the student to hospital and parents are duly kept informed.
  7. A perfect and well-stocked cafeteria sells bites and beverages supplied by the Holiday Villa Hotel during break times. Smart dieting is empowered. Cleanliness and exacting quality control are a need.
  8. The indoor sports hall is cooled and is utilized for PE and school activities. Students may play volleyball, basketball and badminton or participate in group games.
  9. The outdoor Jungle Gym is prepared for KG students to appreciate organized play.
  10. The 30x15m-meter covered swimming pool caters to the advancement of swimming abilities of students.
  11. The school has a state-of –the –art auditorium with enormous seating potential.
  12. Safe Transportation with administration for students and staff.
  13. School security framework well furnished with observation room, CCTV over the grounds and committed safety faculties, guaranteeing well-being of students and staff in the campus.
  14. Devoted and qualified Pastoral and Academic/Behavior Counselors supporting and working together with scholastic group for directing the students with concern.
  15. Cooled, secured parking lots for safe and easy arrival and dispersal of students and staff.
Students in the KG phase (age 3 to 5 years) follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.
Primary School
The curriculum is delivered using interactive teaching methods which aim to develop academic skills
Middle School
In the Lower Secondary school, students study Cambridge International Curriculum building upon the learning that has taken place throughout the primary phase.
Secondary School
CIE qualifications are globally recognized qualifications that enable tens of thousands of students every year to gain places at top universities worldwide.CAIE Formally known as CIE
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