Principal’s Message

I am delighted to welcome you to our new school, the Alpha Cambridge School, ACS.

Opening a new school is an exciting and mainly rare opportunity. It requires a great deal of planning, lots of supervision and a wealth of previous knowledge and skill.

The opportunity to set new and outstanding standards of success in the learning and development of your children has come about due to the vision and passion of our Management. Their passion for the highest standard and the utmost quality in education, gained through many years of experience in the field of education, has led to this new school, ACS, being designed and built for tomorrow’s generation of children’s and parents. The Taleb Group has extended its education base from its three long established, very successful and highly reputable schools in Doha to include partnerships with local Nurseries and now two new schools here in AlWukair. The provision of Higher Education is in the planning for the future too, encompassing the full spectrum of education from childhood to adulthood.

“Tomorrow starts today”.   We welcome you to your new school ACS.

You have the wonderful opportunity to be part of the ACS’s first cohort of students and parents and to grow along with the school. Is a new school a “risk”?   It can be, but with the long background of success in the Taleb Schools in Doha, this will be a golden opportunity for your child, most definitely not a risk! Tried and tested traditional and good practices will be retained whilst new resources and opportunities abound.

The ACS will have its curriculum founded on the UK National Curriculum, modified to accommodate the local requirements of culture and religion. It will be international and welcome children and parents from all nationalities, cultures and religions.

Our vision is to provide all children with the ultimate in education.

Our mission is to do this by making your children into the educated professionals of the future. It is their tomorrow.

Our endeavor in ACS is to nurture highly successful global citizens.

“Let’s us not make the path ready for our children but let’s make our children ready for the path” Chinese Proverb.


Ms Padmini Venkatesh